Hi & Welcome to my blog!

Omiri and a Dream has been up and running since December 2012. I got inspired to start up a blog after constantly getting asked where my clothes where from. lol After hearing "Where did you get that from?" for the umpteenth time I decided to blog my day to day outfits so that people can get an idea of where my clothes are from and much more, from what Inspires my sense of style to helping others change their look.

Since I have started blogging my personal style has evolved and my tastes in fashion have broadened. Follow me on my journey through men's style and fashion. Menswear fashion from a young mans perspective.

Random Fact:

I love the colour blue, symmetry & the numbers 5 and 10.

My outlook on Life:

"Go confidently and boldly into a world you have imagined. Make it your reality.

Thanks for Visiting! Stay Stylish.

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