Sunday, 5 March 2017


Now here is a post that I was not expecting to write. "Fashion high-street giant Zara steals look from menswear style blogger Omiri Thomas and uses it as a staple for their SS17 Mens collection!" How can you be so sure? & That's a pretty wild claim to make! Are responses that I was anticipating once I decided to go public with this story. However  those statements were never made instead I gained overwhelming support online.

(Zara stole my look | An open letter to the creative minds.

So Zara fashion giant, high street king and style thief? Join me as I proceed to decipher this fashion dilemma. So some of you  may already know that I am currently studying for my Masters degree abroad in France, hence why I have not been as active on my socials as of late. But something has really caught my attention, so much so that I just had to come out of my planned social media hibernation to address the issue.

As stated previously this post is dedicated to the creative minds, but also the dream chasers and anyone daring enough to go after what they've always wanted to do! Don't ever be afraid to stand up for your ART.  On Friday 3rd March I was alerted by various whats app messages that the new Zara Man SS17 campaign had some striking similarities, which were bordering on identical to some of my previous work. I at first dismissed the claims until I finally saw the infamous "STRIPES" collection along with the strikingly similar imagery and styling of the 2 stripped shirts, it was clear that my work had been a significant factor and source of inspiration for this Zara editorial piece, even down to the name STRIPES which is what I named my feature previously published on ( From then on I was able to join together the pieces of this stolen style puzzle. After much thought and advise-seeking I found it best to address the issue on my Instagram account via the following post: (ZARA What's good?).

In this post I call out the high street brand and point out some of the similarities between my 'STRIPES' feature posted in summer 16 vs their "STRIPES" collection posted on 27th February 2017. I also included a side by side picture comparison to further solidify my claims and have since received an overwhelming outpouring of  emails, whats app messages, snap chat messages, (pretty much across all of my social platforms) from concerned followers, friends and well wishers from all around the world. People have been expressing their frustrations and overall disappointment that Zara would rip off my work in such a blatant and disregarding way.

My post has especially struck a nerve with fellow creatives. It is not as easy as it may seem being a social media influencer and takes a harrowing amount of effort to keep up a relevant online presence especially if you have a small team and in most cases with these creative individuals no team at all. So you can understand why it is so frustrating when a huge brand with an astonishing wealth of resources and assets readily available, would steal original work from those they feel will not be able to stand up and take legal action against them.

Today marks the beginning of a new journey, one of which I will be fighting not only to be heard but to get the situation rectified. This is for every creative mind out there who feels that they are not getting their recognition or afraid to stand up to a big brand because of their lack of power. I am here to show you that you are powerful and that it can be done, regardless of the outcome, the value and integrity of your work and your contribution to culture is always worth fighting for.

Overall I deem that the striking similarities between Omiri Stripes and Zara Stripes are far too great to be a mere coincidence, and I have no problem with calling foul play on this particular occasion. 

I will keep you all posted. Thank you all for your amazing support over the years, I deeply appreciate every last one of my supporters!

As always, stay stylish.

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