Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hey Guys! So I've teamed up with my beautiful cousin Onivié from across the pond over in Seattle! I know right?! How exciting! (I really need to travel more) Anyway Onivié runs a website called Nerdly Beautiful and together we have joined forces to bring to you these end of summer 1960's 'Mad Men' inspired images! 

Mad Men; for those of you that have never heard of it (me before this post lol) is an incredibly popular and stylish show over in America. It is set in 1960's New York and is a wildly addictive series! I decided to go for a 'Geek Chic' take on classic 1960's style which was a hugely popular look during the era! I had sooo much fun shooting 'A Gentleman & A Rose' and can't wait to start putting together some autumn/winter looks! 

Check out some Mad Men style below!

For more on Onivié visit :
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