Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chivas x Savile Row

"A Night of British sophistication at its best!" First let me start off by saying how awesome it feels to be back blogging after a little break! Well before that break I had the honour of attending the Chivas and Savile Row collaboration. Anyone that knows me will know that tailoring is a craft that I am fixated with! So I was amped when I received an invitation to the event which focuses on exploring the relationship and synergy between fine whisky and fine tailoring. The concept of the master tailor at Savile Row and the master blender at Chivas transcends through both industries and the utmost quality and craftsmanship are just some of many other luxurious similarities between the two.

The evening kicked off with a tour of some of Savile Rows most iconic and prestigious tailoring houses rounded up with whisky tasting! Overall a very intriguing and fascinating event, and that was just a taster session! Can't wait for the main Open Row event taking place next week Thursday 24th April as Chivas deluxe blended scotch whisky and the tailors of the Savile Row bespoke association open up the most dapper street in the world for the very first time! Tickets are available to purchase here ! Also I will be posting details on how to win 2 tickets to the Open Row event so stay tuned!


Check out the pics after the Jump!

 Perfect fit!

Patrick Grant of Norton & Sons (He gave all the attendees a quiz on tailoring and guess who came 1st! Yours truly! Who knew I had so much latent knowledge on tailoring? Perhaps a new career path? Possibly)

 I also got to try on this breathtaking and comfortingly heavy 'Patchwork' jacket from Welsh & Jefferies. It was sample size 'Model size' and it fit perfectly! ;)

Whisky Tasting

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