Friday, 7 March 2014


One thing I love about fashion is that you can always incorporate an element of surprise! London Fashion Week is a great place to showcase different aspects of your personal style, with this in mind I decided to go for a completely different look to my usually tailored style! I must say I really enjoyed it. So on day 4 of LFW 17th Feb (Don't worry I didn't skip out days 2&3, I only attended day 1,4&5 this season!) Anyway I decided to go for this trendy camo suit which I bought from H&M, at the time I had no idea where to wear it, I just knew that I had to have it! Lol all in all switching up your style can always be risky even for a day but it was worth it to experience and embrace a more casual and less sartorial style! Ultimately YOU wear the clothes! The clothes SHOULDN'T wear you! So own your look no matter what style inspiration you go for! Hope you guys enjoy this slightly different look from me!

Check out the outfit pics below!

Hat/Camo suit - H&M | Boots - Magnum | Watch - Michael Kors 
Ran into my mate Gerard Mensah who took most of my pics on the day! Coincidental Camo and Beanie matching lol
Omiri x Breeny Lee 

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