Thursday, 20 February 2014

London Fashion Week AW14 | Street Style

I find myself becoming more and more enchanted and inspired by street style photography, there is something about capturing a moment in time whether the subject was in a hurry or was happy to pose for the snap. The street style images from London Fashion Week AW14 have inspired my sense of personal styling somewhat and I have picked up some great tips just by looking at them and hope that you guys can also learn a thing or two! I attended 3 out of the 5 days of LFW and came across a lot of rain (typical London) but I also managed to capture some great street style moments! Here are some of the people/styles that caught my eye!

Check out the street style images below!

Terence Sambo

Martell & Donya Campbell
Charley Van Purpz
Charles Cartier & Anthony Hampson
 Best London Fashion Week outfit IMO perfectionism!
Scott Simpson
Gideon Cudjoe

Andre Spence & Breeny Lee

Gerard Mensah
Rashpal Amrit
Annie A 

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