Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tweed x Tweed

Hey guys, So the sun was out today (well partially) and as my mind drifted forward into the summer time the harsh winter chill soon pulled me back to the current season! Yes the sunshine today was as misleading as ever! Anyway I thought i'd make the most of out of the little sunshine and decided to bring out the Tweeds! Brown and blue always go well together and I love tweed so this was a very ideal outfit choice for today! Tweed is one of my favourite materials and herringbone is one of my favourite patterns so this combination had me feeling very pleased. I love blue tweed even more as it looks amazing and is quite hard to come by! Hope you guys like this look!

Check out the pics below!

 [Tweed x Tweed]
Tweed Overcoat [River Island] | Round Collar Shirt [T.M.Lewin]
Tie [Kingfisher] | Trousers [Kear and Ku] | Shoes [Suede Crocs]

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