Thursday, 14 November 2013

Black x Black

So I had a junkyard themed photo shoot yesterday, (which was amazing btw!) It was the first time that I didn't style myself which was pretty awesome! Lol. Anyway this is what I wore to fight off the ever dropping temperatures on my way to the 9am shoot! It may not look that cold but trust me it was freezing! I decided to wear this jacket inside out, originally it's a navy blue jacket that I got around this time last year from H&M. I loved the black and the different textures that flipping it over created, so I thought I'd go with it! In fact it's making me want to look further into reversible jackets! Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this look, I'll post some pics from the shoot when I get them! 


Bag [Hugo Boss] Jacket/Hat [H&M] Jeans [Zara] Boots [Earthworks]
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