Monday, 9 September 2013

Sunshine & Lemons

Hey Guys! I had such an awesome time filming this video! I really do hope you guys like it and feedback is always welcome so feel free to comment on this post or on youtube! This shoot came about purely because I was listening to a song "Roy Ayres ft Erykah Badu - Everybody Loves the Sunshine"on my iPhone. Suddenly an for a video (This video) rushed in to my mind and I knew that I had to somehow create this. Anyways a few weeks down the line this is the outcome. If you're like me and are constantly getting a lot of ideas, you just have to see some of them through from time to time. Luckily on the day of filming the sun was out (partly) and filming went well. I'm pleased to present to you "Sunshine&Lemons" Feel free to Like, comment and share this post! Let me know what you thanks guys!

Hat [Marks&Spencer] Shirt/Shorts [H&M] Bag [High Spirit]

Photo credits: [@RichyDavyP]

Some of you may have noticed that this backpack doesn't have any zips on the outside like most conventional bags? Well thats because it's an anti-theft backpack which is creating a lot of buzz right now! Manufactured in London this innovative company is rapidly growing and have also managed to grab the attention of none other than serial entrepreneur Richard Branson who also owns one of these uber cool backpacks in red. High Spirit Bags Omiri and a Dream salutes you for this cool idea! and thanks for sending me this awesome bag! 

You can also check out and shop high spirit backpacks here !

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