Monday, 12 August 2013

Seye Isikalu | G E N T L E M A N

I've been itching to share this video for a while now, but i've been holding it out until all of my LC:M outfit posts were live! Some of you may remember the London Fashion Week [Street Style in (e)motion] video entitled 'KILLAS' that I posted a few months back. Well here is a fresh video entitled 'G E N T L E M A N' by London fashion and beauty photographer Seye Isikalu. The video gives you a first hand experience of street style during Day 3 of London Collections: Men. I love all of the different styles featured in the video and also the soundtrack is Amazing! I love music and the track entitled 'Gentleman' by Fela Kuti fits in perfectly with London Collections street style and just epitomises what menswear fashion is all about! Oh and features yours truly! Lol. Enjoy!  

For more on Seye Isikalu visit: 

Twitter: Egowhatego 

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