Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Meeting David Gandy

Day 1 of London Collections: Men was by far the most exciting and eventful day for me, not only was I invited to the Spencer Hart runway show which was incredible! But I also happened to bump into David Gandy after the show had ended! If you are a regular reader of my posts you'll notice Mr Gandy pop up here and there beign one of my style icons so it was a surreal experience to have met him in person. He is incredibly down to earth and even complimented my outfit which was pretty cool, I mean it's not everyday you meet such a legendary style icon! 

Check out the pics below!

 David Gandy is wearing a 3 piece light blue cotton suit by Reiss

[I'm also loving the fact that we have very similar detailing going on.] 

Check out the video below for some background knowledge on Mr Gandy!

For more on David Gandy visit blog:

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