Monday, 15 April 2013

Tartan & Leather - Outfit Post

Here's a quick outfit post featuring a lot of leather! Leather is a fabric that you'd sooner expect to find on a sofa or chair, but I have noticed that leather seems to be a growing menswear trend and has been popping up everywhere from Givenchy to Hermes and lets not forget Kanye bringing back the appeal of leather trousers! (which is debateable lol)

But I must admit i'm warming to it! Leather has a timeless appeal and can give your outfit a sense of edgyness and adventure! The leather jacket was especially popular in American culture with influential style icons like Elvis Presley, James Dean and John Travolta in Grease! all rocking the leather.

Anyways my latest obsession is this vintage leather vest! by Angelo Litrico 

Check out more pics after the Jump!

[I love the patchwork detailing on the vest!]

Glasses - Festival Specs
Shirt - Zara
Tie - Lochcarron of Scotland
Vintage Leather Vest - Angelo Litrico
Corduroy Trousers - Tommy Hilfiger
Woven belt - Blue Inc
Bag - Jeff Banks
Boots - Dr Marten
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