Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Style Icon - Robert Redford

There are a lot of stylish men from which I manage to draw inspiration, but Robert Redford is my ultimate style icon! He epitomises style and sartorial elegance like no other. 

Redford first caught my attention when I watched the 1974 movie remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald literary classic novel The Great Gatsby (now one of my favourite books/films) for the first time last summer. I was stunned to see such an impeccably dressed man who also embodied everything that I aspire to. 

'The Great Gatsby' is set in the 1922 during the Roaring Twenties/Jazz Age, this was a time of prosperity, and a decade of decadence in the United States. It was a also a time of classic and timeless menswear. I strongly recommend watching the movie you can buy it online and it's relatively inexpensive! It offers countless and flawless menswear visuals. Redford's wardrobe was provided by Iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren

Check out some more pics after the Jump!

Robert Redford + Ralph Lauren = Great Style. I mean who else could wear a pale pink linen three piece suit which such conviction? None other than Robert Redford. Omiri and a Dream salutes you and your impeccable style. 

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