Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hey Guys! If you follow my Instagram page you would have seen lots of runway videos that I usually record with phone during LC:M. This time however my phone battery had run out just as the show was about to start! (I know right? Typical!) Anyway I decided that I'd try shooting a video with my camera instead and I was pleasantly surprised as this is the first runway show that I've recorded from start to finish! 

Here are 4 of my favourite looks from the KTZ SS16 runway show during LC:M! I love the range of textures and prints used to create this striking collection, and my favourite piece of all the incredible parachute cape!

Check out the above video footage! Also check out the full collection after the jump!

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Hey Guys! So for those of you that have been following my blog for some time would have realised that I live for outlandish ensembles and imagery! Dressing relatively normal is ok from time to time but for the most part I like to be odd it's fun seeing peoples reactions and it's also liberating 'I can wear whatever I please and feel comfortable' How awesome is that? All in all I enjoy creating ensembles that most people would be too shy to wear. Be bold, make a statement!

Also this post is politically charged! I'd like to dedicate it to Sandra Bland I'm sure you are all aware of her story. So here I am using my platform, seeking justice for those who are no longer with us! Peace & Love 

Check out the rest of 'Ojuelegba' after the Jump!

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Hey Guys! I am very excited to share this post! My big sis Teso has arrived back in London after spending 3 years working in Nigeria! I know right how exciting (I wish I could travel more...) nevertheless this style collaboration was imminent, and here it is! 

This editorial is called Cinnamon purely becasue of the earthy cinnamon like tones that both of our outfits and backdrop exude. Cinnamon is also a collaboration with innovative London based sock brand BAAWS SOCKS, I am wearing the beautiful 'Sergeant' sock. I love the geometric pattern and bold mix of colours which help to give my outfit a quirky edge! Be on the look out for more exciting sock combinations coming soon!

Check out the rest of this look after the jump!

Thursday, 9 July 2015


Hey Guys! So I shot this Michael Jackson inspired look last week but I never really got round to posting it (until now that is!) If you know me well enough you'll know that I am the biggest MJ fan! Therefore in celebration of the 6th anniversary of MJ's passing on the 25th of June I decided to put my own spin on an outfit that The King of Pop might have worn. Hope you enjoy Mike Jack! 

Check out the rest of this look after the jump!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hey Guys! As usual I've been super busy this week but I've decided to blog my outfits more regularly! So here is my latest look Spring King. (I know it's not technically springtime anymore, but I decided that Spring King sounds better than Summer King? Lol) Anyway this tone on tone beige look really captures a fresh summer vibe along with this wide brimmed safari style hat to further compliment this summer solstice style! Oh and I really enjoyed throwing in a winter jacket? Yes a winter jacket in a very light beige colour helps to add an interesting dynamic to this otherwise very seasonal outfit (perfect for British Summer!) Check out Spring King below!

Hat - Dorfman Pacific | Pleated Shirt - T.M Lewin | Meadow Tie - Ulterior Motive | Jacket - Esprit | Shorts - Massimo Dutti | Belt - Uniqlo | Shoes - Chapman & Moore
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